Spring Clean Your Look: All-Natural Products and Routine for Better Brows and Longer Lashes

Is there anything more desirable to achieve a dramatic, glam look (or even just a better everyday look) than those staple thick, perfectly shaped brows and full, long lashes? And yet, now, perhaps more than ever, the brow and lash trends are nearly impossible to achieve. I mean, who has brows that on point and [...]

Spring Clean Your Look: All-Natural Nail Care Products and Routine for Longer, Stronger Nails

For so long, nail care has been a beauty basic I've neglected. Growing up, I was a notorious nail-biter (my friends called me "Frodo Fingers" after the Lord of the Rings character who, in the film, had distinctly nubby nails) until a jaw injury actually, physically prevented me from biting my nails any longer. However, [...]

Spring Clean Your Look: All-Natural Oral Care Products and Routine for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Let's be honest, perhaps nothing can throw off a great look more than bad teeth. To be clear, I don't mean crooked teeth, which can be unique and endearing. I mean yellow, stained, or spotted teeth or evidence of other problems associated with poor oral hygiene such as cavities, tooth erosion and decay, gum diseases, and [...]

Spring Clean Your Look: All-Natural Haircare Products and Routine for Gorgeous Hair

Shockingly, I am twenty-five and just figuring out what on God's green earth to do with my hair. Ever have those days when you're just so fed up that you have to practically sit on your hands to keep from grabbing the closest sharp object and slicing through the dry, static-y, frizzy, coarse, tangled strands you call [...]

Spring Clean Your Look: All-Natural Skincare Products and Routine for Flawless Skin

Get ready to receive a goldmine of skincare tips and tricks. I am going to give you all my favorite recipes for natural, healthy, DIY skincare products, including face cleanser, pore strips, a facemask, and face cream as well as body wash and body lotion. I'll also reveal my everyday skincare routine that is quick [...]