Spring Clean Your Look: 5 Beauty Basics for a New You


When it comes to establishing a good beauty routine, things can quickly get overwhelming. It was for me. There are so many different opinions, products, trends, techniques, and tools that it can be difficult to know just where to start and what to do.

I have found that when it comes to a beauty routine it is best to establish a gradient scale of what is less important and what is more important in revealing your “best look.” (For example, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lip balm? Score. NEED IT! Contour powder, blush, highlighter? Not so much. This will vary from person to person.)

However, whereas the example above involved makeup, there are some self-care habits you simply have to master before perusing the cosmetics aisles (or websites).

I suggest that in order to reveal your best look you must commit yourself to a gradient scale of self-care. Unless you’ve mastered the 5 basics of self-care I’m going to list, your look won’t be as stunning as it could be.

For instance, if you put on a great foundation but have dry skin or clogged pores, the foundation could be flaky, damaging, and ineffective. If your eyebrows are not a flattering shape for your face, you could wing your eyeliner to perfection and still look considerably older and more tired. You can try all the makeup tips and tricks in the book, but if you have dry, damaged hair and brittle, cracked nails you’ll never look as young and healthy as you could otherwise.

People tend to use makeup to cover flaws that could be completely eliminated simply by treating the real problem. Case in point: instead of caking on foundation, you could create a better complexion by taking better care of your skin.

I have found that by using the correct products, techniques, and routine I can eliminate the problems and let makeup do what it’s better at doing: simply enhancing a natural, healthy look. Let makeup enhance your natural beauty instead of using it to hide a world of problems, making those problems worse in the long-run. You’ll feel more confident and relaxed when you’re wearing it knowing you won’t be reduced to a self-conscious mess without.

The 5 basics I believe you must master in order to clean your look are:

  1. Skin care – moisturize
  2. Hair care – hydrate
  3. Oral care – whiten
  4. Nail care – strengthen
  5. Brows and lashes – shape and grow

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing a “Spring Clean Your Look” series in which I will dive into all the safe, healthy, natural techniques and tricks to simplify and amplify your self-care in all of these different areas, down to making your own products and creating a routine that is quick and easy and works for you.

Taking care of ourselves and revealing a great look is neither as difficult nor as expensive as we’ve been led to believe.

7 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Look: 5 Beauty Basics for a New You

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